World Congress on Science and Football 2019 Workshops

WCSF2019 is offering additional workshops on Friday 7th June for all fully registered delegates.

These workshops will be held offsite from the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and will all finish by 3pm with the individual workshops information listed below.

Skill Development – Movement variability in Football

This morning workshop session will apply the use of movement variability to develop football skills.

Player Tracking and Data analytics

This workshop will explore current player tracking technology, the issues with its accuracy and ways to analyse the data.

  • Presented by Associate Professor Sam Robertson, Head of Innovation, Western Bulldogs, TRACK.

This session will also include additional presenters:

  • Analytics in Football using position data – presented by Bruno Gonçalves, University of Trás-os-Montes, Portugal
  • Managing athlete data using R, an open-source programming language – presented by Dr Alice Sweeting, Western Bulldogs AFL and Victoria University

Kicking – application of science in kicking skill monitoring and development

Using wearable and high speed video technology, this morning session will explore different methods of analysing kicking technique and how to improve the skills of the kicker across soccer, Australian Football and the rugby codes.

Workshop presented by:

Periodising Skill Acquisition for Football

This afternoon workshop will apply the SPORT acronym (ie; Specificity, Progression, Overload, Reversibility and Tedium) to the systematic development of football skills. The underpinning principles will be detailed and complimented with practical applications. Attendees will walk away from the session with an overarching framework for how to effectively develop football skills.

Football Studies Publishing Workshop

This roundtable workshop, to be held at the Footscray Park campus of Victoria University, will feature an array of speakers including leading scholars, writers and publishers who will discuss the elements of successful academic publishing in the field of football studies. The workshop is suitable for experienced authors, postgraduate students and aspiring writers who will have the opportunity to share their experiences about the best options and outlets for publishing work on the social-cultural aspects of the various football codes.

  • Professor Mike Huggins, Emeritus Professor of Cultural History at the University of Cumbria, and Adjunct Associate Professor Rob Hess, Regional Editor of the International Journal of the History of Sport, will chair the workshop.

All WCSF2019 fully registered delegates will be sent an email invitation to register for these optional workshops.

WCSF2019 sponsor IMeasureU is also offering an additional workshop on Tuesday 4th June.

Meaningful Modern Movement Monitoring

This workshop will held at Victoria University’s City Flinders Campus, and will focus on Integrating IMUs with Optical Motion Capture: Clinical & Football Applications.

  • This workshop is presented by: Assoc Prof Thor Besier

Registrations for this workshop will be made directly with IMeasureU, with a registration link to be available on this webpage in late April.